You sit down to work on that important document. The deadline is pressing, but you can’t seem to stay on task. Your phone, which is within reach, buzzes every time you receive a text. Your email pings for every incoming message. If you’re in the office, you might get distracted by a coworker. Working from home? Your children or partner might shift your attention. Not to mention, there are our own thoughts that often drop in at the most inconvenient of times.

As much as we try to maintain focus, it can feel, at times, fleeting. In turn, our productivity suffers. Instead of doing a satisfactory job completing one task, we do a subpar job attempting many tasks at once.

The solution: complete one task at a time. Research has found that single-tasking not only rebuilds focus by lowering the number of task “switches” you make each day, but it also lowers stress levels.

That said, with the constant chorus of distractions, single-tasking can feel like an impossible undertaking. How can we check a box off our to-do list without getting sidetracked?

Make Time to Zone Out

Zoning out or daydreaming is a part of being a living, breathing, human. So don’t be so hard on yourself if you find your head in the clouds from time to time. However, too much zone-out time can take a toll on your productivity. If you’re looking to cut back on inner distraction and focus on the single task at hand, you might want to carve out time to zone out. As strange as that sounds, it can be quite effective. This is where a calendar, such as Maison can come in handy. Schedule fifteen minutes during the day for your mind to wander deliberately rather than accidentally.

Avoid Distractions

Yes, that includes your phone! If you’re looking to reach the finish line on your task, cut out distractions. Switch your phone to silent or Do Not Disturb, so you’re not tempted to take a peek whenever you receive a message. If you’re still finding it hard to resist your phone, put it somewhere out of sight: across the room, under a pillow: whatever gets the job done. Try to keep one tab open at a time and keep email alerts off. You can also download software that helps keep you from checking your phone or using the Internet on your computer while working. Many people use the Pomodoro method, which breaks the workday into 25-minute chunks separated by 5-minute breaks, to complete a task before moving on to the next one.

Know Your “On” Times

Are you most focused at the start of your day or late at night? Do you find your energy waning in the afternoon? Everyone has what’s called an “ultradian” rhythm, 90-minute blocks of focus within a day. Use the knowledge of your own “on” times to your advantage and schedule your most difficult tasks during these moments. You can use your Maison calendar to schedule single tasks during the times you’re most productive.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever tried to keep your brain on task, while dozing off? Not easy. Make sure you’re getting enough Zs at night, so you can focus on one task at a time during the day. Your Maison calendar can help you stick to a regular sleep schedule and remind you when it’s time to rest.


The Maison calendar app can help you stay on top of all your tasks and events, from birthdays to insurance renewals we’ve got you covered!